Are they actually judging me?

Many people today often feel emotionally trapped by feelings of being judged. All too often people get self conscious and feel as though their life is under a microscope. In some cases, this can even cause people to have a low opinion of themselves.

It’s easy to feel as though everyone is judging you. Just one look through your twitter stream or facebook feed and you’ll see people spewing hatred about how someone else is acting. Makes you wonder what people REALLY think about you, doesn’t it?

Often, though, that feeling doesn’t come because people are actually judging us. It comes because we THINK they are. That doesn’t always mean they are. We begin to feel as though we have to act a certain way to be accepted so we put all this pressure on ourselves and begin to feel trapped.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why?

We lack confidence. It’s a universal need to want to feel accepted but what we really need to do is accept ourselves.

I encourage anyone who is going through this to find the beauty in themselves. Recognize the good things and understand that some of the things that make others think you’re flawed are not always bad things.

PS: It’s very easy for people to get the wrong impression of you. If people are actually judging you then THEY are the ones in the wrong. They often don’t have enough information to come to the right conclusion so even if you are being judged – let them judge. They’re probably wrong anyway. If you know they’re wrong then don’t let it bother you. Don’t change the way you act to prove them wrong.


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