Dating Don’ts for Ladies

Ladies in the dating scene:
This is based on a pattern of dating I have noticed since being in NYC. I’m very thankful I never had to go through all this, honestly. But here are some blunt, bold face truths about what some of the women are doing to ruin relationships.

• If you bounce from relationship to relationship while none of them last more than 6 months – reevaluate what you’re doing in these relationships.

• If you’re ready to do anything for him after a month – you don’t know what love is at all and if all your relationships end by guys just pulling away then maybe you should stop attempting to FFW through the courtship.

•If you “love” him after 1 (2, 3) months – you need to figure out what love really is. You don’t know anybody after a month (or 2 or 6 or 10). Additionally, if you fall “in love” twice or more a year then I doubt at all that you’re feeling anything other than the new-boyfriend/girlfriend endorphins.

• If you “love” every guy before 6 months is up then you need to consider that maybe the reason things go wrong is that you build them up in your head, fall in love, and don’t like it when the real man doesn’t match the man in your head. Don’t do this. It’ll never work.

• If you do the last 3 steps and every relationship goes bad before 1 year and its never you who breaks it off – maybe consider you’re rushing through the dating steps and attempting to settle yourself into the role of wife before 6 months has even come and gone. That’s bound to make a man run away because it feels like you’re trapping him.

Disclaimer: While it may be based on a common pattern in dating, it isn’t designed after any one person. If you know me and feel like this is about you, then maybe you’re in this category. I didn’t run everyone I know through my head when writing this.


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